Christina Sheppard

Root Cause Biomagnetic Therapy
Lyme Magnetic Protocol

Lyme Disease Resource Center, Inc.

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Root Cause Biomagnetic Therapy utilizes a highly effective and holistic treatment modality called the Lyme Magnetic Protocol (LMP), which was developed by Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness in Woodstock, VT ( LMP works to eradicate Lyme disease by targeting not just Borrelia Burgdorferi, but also its many co-infections, toxins and energetic imbalances. It does this through the use of magnets, which are placed in pairs (a positive and a negative) on very specific points of the body. These magnet placements disrupt the environment where  pathogens are harbored, making it inhospitable to them. As the pathogens die-off, the immune system kicks in and body sheds them. Symptoms diminish and are often even eliminated, allowing the client to regain their health.