Integrative Body-Mind Healing:
According to the latest research what we don’t deal with, ends up in our bodies. From panic attacks to depression, skin rashes to chronic pain and illness the body is the container that holds it all. This is why Leslie’s work takes a body focused, bottom up approach to change, growth and healing. By integrating body-focused therapy, hypnotherapy, soul readings, energy medicine, touch and talk into the healing process we gain access to ALL of you, not just parts. It is said that you can’t fix parts of you without treating the whole, and that is the cornerstone of Leslie’s therapeutic style.

Leslie Gould-Barkman is best known int the Happy Valley as a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist at her former practice, “In Good Hands Therapeutic Massage which she owned and operated from 2002 to 2015. Leslie holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work an is trained in multiple disciplines including Somatic Experiencing, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Akashic Record and Angel Oracle Card Readings and Matrix Energetics. Benefits of Integrative Healing Leslie helps clients move past their problem-solving intellects and to instead tap into the wisdom of their bodies and a power greater than themselves. Since the body is known as “the bridge to the soul” this integrated approach allows clients to access information in a new way, freeing themselves from their minds and the habitual patterns of thinking, relating and behaving which may have been a source of suffering in the past. Using these approaches clients learn to stay connected to their minds, but not driven or controlled by them using their bodies as a source of intelligence and healing instead.

Who can Benefit?
Leslie works with people who want to go to therapy to heal, not just talk. Her approach is creative, collaborative and solution focused as she listens deeply and intuitively to the verbal, physical, spoken and unspoken dimensions of her clients. Whether they're working with anxiety, self-defeating patterns, chronic pain or illness Leslie helps uncover and address the source of these issues in their lives. Through this deep connection and the integration of powerful and effective holistic modalities healing is facilitated and life changing transformation can occur.

The Big Picture
Leslie believes that all healing is a release of fear. Together, she helps clients explore underlying patterns and create a container for growth as they slowly release what is no longer serving them. This opens the doors to fresh insights and possibilities as they peal back the layers, and resolve the
barriers to having a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Services Offered
Somatic Experiencing (body-focused therapy)
Matrix Energetics
Akashic Record and Angel Oracle Card Readings
Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy
Vision Board Workshops
Coming Winter 2019 – Trim Life Weight Release Program

Leslie’s practice is located at 369 Pleasant Street in Northampton, MA.

Phone: 413-320-9365


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