Daphne Bye

Somatic Experiencing and Focusing Practitioner, Reiki Master,
Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Chronic illness can overwhelm us, causing us to feel shut down, anxious, or both.  We can have strong feelings ranging from fear to helplessness. We may have physical pain.  And the body may be unconsciously bracing against all these conditions, making them worse. 

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, I can help you develop a listening presence to your inner experience.  With care, and being mindful of the nervous system speaking through our experience, we gently unbind stuckness and build inner strength and agency.  Out of the fear and fog comes relaxation, insight, and a healthier connection to emotion, physical health, relationships, and belonging. 

In sessions, we listen to the intelligence in your body, as well as to the many other ways you carry your inherent knowing.  In a session, we are seated and mostly listening and talking. The work might also include some calming SE Touch to extremities or joints, and/or Reiki, and/or energy clearing, depending on what feels comfortable to you.

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