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Integrative Body-Mind Healing
According to the latest research whatever emotions we don’t deal with become trapped in our bodies, draining us of vital energy and even causing disease. For those who have been dealing with a chronic illness for many years, the daily heroic effort it takes to simply function can be overwhelming and can create a myriad of emotions including grief, loss and hopelessness.
Using an eclectic blend of body-mind approaches Leslie can help people find hope and a sense of peace again. By addressing and releasing the buildup of negative emotions, clients simultaneously make room for fresh insights and a more positive outlook. Using a blend of therapeutic, energetic and spiritual approaches clients regain a sense of wholeness and wellness as they shed what no longer serves them and reconnect with their happier and healthier selves.
Sessions are a collaborative conversation based on deep empathy, curiosity, and acceptance of what is, and what can be changed. Leslie brings a profound level of personal understanding to this process to help clients resolve emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. This creates a more positive outlook and a kinder, gentler internal environment as they release negativity and judgment, and learn to love and accept themselves more fully.

About Leslie
Leslie is an eclectic body-mind therapist, a clinical hypnotherapist, and a transformational life coach. She holds a Master of Social Work degree, and is a spiritual & intuitive counselor as well as a former massage therapist with over 15 years in the wellness field. She is honored to be of service to those on their healing journeys and tailors each treatment to each client’s individual needs.

Services Offered
Body-Focused Therapy/Somatic Experiencing
Energy Medicine
Akashic Soul Readings
Angel Oracle Card Readings
Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy
Transformational Life Coaching

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