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is a nonprofit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Lyme and its associated diseases. ILADS promotes understanding of Lyme and its associated diseases through research and education and strongly supports physicians and other health care professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and its associated diseases." 


is a non-profit corporation that is a central voice for Lyme patients

across the nation through advocacy, education and research.

Since 1989, (formerly CALDA) has been revolutionizing

the Lyme disease arena in public policy, advocacy, and science."

Global Lyme Alliance

"...formed by the merger of Lyme Research Alliance (LRA) and Tick-Borne Disease Alliance (TBDA), is a leading private nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to finding a cure and accurate test for Lyme disease as well as educating physicians and the public about the dangers of Lyme. Today GLA has gained national prominence for its commitment to changing the course of Lyme disease by funding ground-breaking research, while expanding education programs for the general public and physicians."

Under Our Skin

"A chilling tale of microbes, medicine and money,

this Oscar shortlisted film has changed the landscape of the Lyme epidemic,
bringing unprecedented awareness in an engaging and accessible way.
The definitive record of the Lyme controversy, UNDER OUR SKIN exposes a hidden story
of medical and scientific malfeasance and neglect...
The newly released Director's Cut includes 15-minutes of restored footage,
re-edited scenes and character updates. (100 min.)" 

Under Our Skin 2: Emergence

"In this dramatic follow-up to the widely acclaimed

UNDER OUR SKIN, EMERGENCE takes the viewer on a journey from horror to hope.

We witness the emerging epidemic of Lyme disease as infection  and education

spread globally. We watch as the truth emerges about the disease’s persistence and reach,

about promising new research, and about medical collusion and conflicts of interest

that continue to impede progress. We revisit the characters from UNDER OUR SKIN

as they emerge into better health, reclaiming their lives and dignity,

and offering hope to the legions now suffering.

(65 min., © 2014 Open Eye Pictures)"

"The TickEncounter Resource Center

promotes tick-bite protection and tick borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action."

The Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center

at Southampton Hospital educates the public, promotes collaboration in the medical community, and facilitates access to diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases.

"The Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center

was established as the first academic research center in the country to focus multidisciplinary research on chronic Lyme disease.  In recognition that a growing number of patients experience ongoing or relapsing symptoms after having been treated for Lyme disease, in recognition that diagnostic tests often do not provide definitive information regarding the presence or absence of infection, and in recognition that there are multiple possible mechanisms by which symptoms persist, the mission of this center has a particular focus on identifying better diagnostic assays, better treatments, and a better pathophysiologic understanding of the mechanisms of symptom persistence."

The Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness

"The Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness is a specialized clinical and research program for individuals with impairment and disability related to tick borne illness. The goals of the Dean Center are to improve the care and function of patients with Lyme disease and other tick borne illness by focusing on individualized treatment, ongoing education, and emerging science."

"The Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (LDA)

is designated by IRS as a public charity operating under 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Its mission is promoting awareness of and controlling the spread of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases (TBD) and their complications through education and other means; raising and distributing funds for Lyme and tick-borne diseases (TBD) research, education and other related Lyme and TBD issues; assisting underpriviledged patients in connection with Lyme and other TBD. "

"The Lyme Quilt

is a project that seeks to give a voice to the entire Lyme community. Those currently battling for their health, those in remission, and those who have passed away as a result of it.
It is a work of art and an expression of our love and support of each other. It is our voice, crying out for help, pleading with our leaders and those that can change the future of lyme research, diagnosis and treatment to get involved, to hear us, to stand up and make a difference.
The Lyme Quilt is a continuous project that will continue to grow so long as there is a single person battling this horrific disease.
Eventually it will travel throughout the country serving as a voice for so many who are unable or who flat out can’t be there because of this debilitating disease."

Living with Lyme

Website resource created by Cindy Kennedy, Nurse Practitioner, Wife,  Mother and Lyme Disease sufferer.

Hidden Disabilities

Diversity Inc on Hidden Disabilities:

"If you have a friend, relative or coworker with an illness or disability that isn’t obvious,

you may think you’re doing the right thing by saying he or she “looks so good.”

You can’t even tell the person has a disability, and that’s a good thing, right? Wrong."

"The mission of

is to help everyone with a chronic illness or invisible disability, in order for them to live their lives to the fullest and not feel isolated and alone. We believe that our medical circumstances have put us in a unique and understanding position, so that we can help each other through similar difficult times. We hope the information and community on our site can aid people in leading better lives through knowledge, networking, friendship and most of all support."

"The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA)

encourages, educates and connects people and organizations touched by illness, pain and disability around the globe. Formerly known as The Invisible Disabilities Advocate, IDA was founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit."

The Spoon Theory

"Please take the time to read Christine Miserandino’s [author of 'The Spoon Theory'] personal story and analogy of what it is like to live with sickness or disability."


"Ecological Landscaping Association (ELA)

was founded in 1992. We advocate for environmentally responsible stewardship of land and natural resources in landscaping and horticultural practices of both professionals and the public. Through education, collaboration, and networking, ELA promotes the design, installation, and maintenance of landscapes that are guided by a knowledge of and respect for natural ecosystems." 

"The TickEncounter Resource Center

promotes tick-bite protection and tickborne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action."

EPA: Find the Insect Repellent that is Right for You

Tick Testing: University of Massachusetts Laboratory of Medical Zoology

101 Fernald Hall

UMass Amherst 01003


Tick Prevention for Pets:  TickEncounter Resource Center (TERC)

at the University of Rhode Island

Tick Prevention on People:  Centers for Disease Control, (CDC)

Natural Tick Repellents and Pesticides