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What is Intuitive Wellness Coaching? Think of me as your Wellness Project Manager and Health Detective. I collaborate with you in order to facilitate meeting your health and wellness goals. We create a road-map for your healing, and move down that path with wisdom, cultivating clarity, ease, and empowerment. You have all the raw materials for well-being innately in you, It’s a matter of understanding where to direct your efforts in order to clear what’s blocks that.  We utilize systematic, practical tools, and also tap into your intuitive wisdom to uncover new insights and bring more empowerment to your healing. 

Rob has been training and engaging in various healing modalities for the past 13 years, including Mindfulness Meditation, Somatic Experiencing, and Infinity Healing Practice, a unique blend of energetic healing, neural science techniques, and intuition. He is also currently studying various aspects of Wellness Coaching. Rob not only applies what he's learned through training, but also lessons from his own personal wellness journey. He has particular expertise in working with Lyme disease from his own experience of of clearing chronic Lyme from his body and mind.

Rob sees clients at his Easthampton office. 


Phone: 310-570-7123

Rob Hurwich

Intuitive Wellness Coaching