Lyme Disease Resource Center, Inc.

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Please Note: 2018 Groups Meet in the Conference Room in Suite 103

email or call 413-588-7388

The Lyme Disease Resource Center, Inc. maintains a scent-free policy for the office as well as all events. Please refrain from using scented products and wearing clothing that has come into contact with perfumes, fragrant detergents, smoke, etc. Scents may cause our clients to suffer adverse and/or allergic reactions.

2nd Saturdays:

Lyme Support Group

Groups moving back to office in 2019!

243 King St. Suite 248 Northampton MA 01060

January 12th 2019

 Strategies and resources for living well with tick-borne illness.

All are welcome including any persons supporting those with Lyme or tick borne illness.

2019 Groups meet in our office, Suite 248

Accessible parking/entrance at front of building. Enter through doors in stone tower (241/243 King St.)
Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and turn right.
Follow corridor to Rear Lobby. Our office will be on your left.


Park to the left of the building and use the Rear Lobby Entrance.
Take the stairs to the 2nd floor, office will be on your right.

3rd Wednesdays:

Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness

Support and Wellness Group


243 King St. Suite 103 Northampton MA 01060

Accessible Parking/Entrance park to the rear left of building

Use the Rear Lobby Entrance

Suite 103 will be on your right,

(across the hall from Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery Associates) and is fully accessible

Last Meeting For 2018!

December 19th 2018

Take time from your busy schedule and join us for a facilitated discussion with a peer-based group for those with Lyme Disease and/or chronic illness to create connection and end isolation with the intention of moving towards wellness. Tips and hints for enjoying the holiday season with a chronic illness.

We will be joined by special guest:

Marianne Reiff who will offer Acupressure Hand Massage as a mindful stress reduction technique

All are welcome including any persons supporting those with Lyme or chronic illness.

2019 Support Group Flyer