Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies are a free offering, available to our clients with tick-borne illnesses and their care partners.

Holistic Therapies are complementary treatments; from massage to counseling to mindfulness practices.

To volunteer as a Holistic Practitioner Please email us at [email protected]

Due to the pandemic the Holistic Therapies program is running on a limited basis. Please contact the office to find out what’s available.

Meet our Practitioners:

Our Holistic Therapies practitioners provide free, confidential support to Lyme Disease Resource Center Clients.

Anna Maria Irvine, DC
Neuro Emotional Technique, NET

To request an appointment: 413-588-7388 or [email protected].

Christina Sheppard
Root Cause Biomagnetic Therapy

Sessions available at her office in Greenfield, MA.
To request an appointment: 413-588-7388 or [email protected].

Marianne Rieff, PhD
Emotional Freedom Technique/Mindful Tapping

To request an appointment: 413-588-7388 or [email protected].


Office: 413-588-7388
[email protected]


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